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Henna is a fun, all natural, temporary way to adorn yourself! Private and party settings are available. I am also at Sacred Grounds in Billings on Saturdays from 2-6 pm taking walk-ins for henna! Private appts Schedule here.

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Sigils are manifesting tools. Businesses program us using their logos to promote thoughts and feelings of their products. Why not use the same concept for things we actually want and desire? These are powerful symbols that are created with the energy of a goal or desire along with intuitive guidance and magnify the attracting energy. Book online here or visit with me on Saturday's at Sacred Grounds in Billings from 2-6pm

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Serenading the Billings/Laurel area. Book me to come sing to your loved one for a birthday, anniversary or any special event. Basic telegrams include song, candy or balloon $50

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