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Henna is a fun, temporary way to express yourself. The henna I use is made of all natural ingredients including, lemon juice and essential oils, Please advise if you have skin sensitivities.

Henna paste is applied to the skin and must be left for hours (4+) to achieve best results. Limit water exposure in the first 24 hours. Moisturize daily. Designs can last weeks! Book a party, private appointment or special event. Stop in Sacred Grounds (2950 King Ave W) on Saturdays 2-6pm to get adorned in Billings.

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Cancellation Policy

Please email your request for a singing telegram! Singing to the Billings/Laurel area. Travel outside this area is possible. I prefer public places over residences, for my safety. Kelley's Tele's is not responsible for any adverse repercussions of the singing telegram. Ordering a telegram places you the responsible party. If your desired recipient is easlily offended, has zero sense of humor, is an angry scroodge or would not like this type of attention- please consider sending a video instead. Singing telegrams should be a fun, happy, enjoyable experience for all.

Booking Requests

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